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What does Doctorcare offer me?



Personal page

Your personal page provides useful tools such as: electronic calendar, personal messages, appointment management system and traffic statistics.

Get new patients

Through your personal profile patients can access your resume, provided services, staff, medical equipment and medical examination-treatment area.


Book appointments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

At any given time, patients can book online by accessing and viewing the available days and time-slots of your calendar.

Practice marketing and promotion

Through our annual and seasonal advertisement campaigns your specialty and practice will be promoted through media, Google Adds, Social Network Adds (i.e. Facebook), e-mails and Outdoor Advertisement (i.e. leaflets, adboards).


Raise your clientele

Patients in your area can search locally through our search application where your medical office appears on the map.

Reduce unfulfilled appointments

Our system sends reminding SMS and emails to your patients a few hours before the appointment.

Why should I join Doctorcare?


DoctorCare for everyone.


Through the advanced filters on our page, patients, besides private appointments, can find and view doctors / health professionals from the healthcare plan of their choice (GHS, guilds, health cards).

Easy and fast registration.



We undertake the complete creation of your DoctorCare profile.

You simply fill out the registration form by clicking below:

Doctor's registration form

and send us your CV and the photos you wish to:

Your registration is not binding as you can stop at no charge at any time.

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Search Listing Appearance

Patients can search and find you on our website search feature or via the DoctorCare App on their smartphone.


Click and Book 24/7

Patients can see your available slots and book an appointment anytime any day.


Office Locations

List multiple practice locations on your profile.


Profile & Office Photos

Staff and office photos help attract more patients.


Custom Doctor Care Profile

You can customize your profile with the procedures you offer, your real-time availability, your staff and equipment or any other information you want to share with your patients.

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Email and Text Reminders

Your patients receive appointment reminders which reduces no-shows while reduces your office staff costs.


Instant Check-In

Patients fill out their personal information on our website – you just print their details out accurately and easily.


Doctor Care Calendar

Manage your availability through our calendar by changing your available slots instantly. Doctor Care calendar is so advanced that can even synchronise with your Google calendar.


Account Activity

We'll remind you to confirm appointments and send other helpful updates.